Wynn Harper at 3 weeks

 We are starting to get the hang of this parenthood stuff... slowly but surely. We sure love our sweet babe and can't quite remember what life was like without her... except for sleeping... I for one definitely remember what it was like to sleep at night and I sure miss it.  A LOT.  But I guess being a mom to little miss Wynn is a pretty good trade off :)


Wynn Harper Jones

Our little miss Wynn was born on Wednesday, July 25th at 10:35 pm sporting a head full of dark hair and some serious cheeks.  We are all completely 100% smitten with this little chickadee.

Wynn Jones: 8lbs 5oz 21 inches



 We took a quick trip up to my family's cabin in McCall a few weeks ago.  Nothing quite like fresh mountain air, lazy time with the family, a little outdoor action, and a whole lotta Dr. Pepper!


Baby Shower love

This baby girl is one lucky chick!   I don't want to brag... but I'm pretty sure my friends and family are cooler than anyone else's. Check out the shower they threw for baby girl on Thursday! I am obsessed with all of the gorgeous details and the flowers?! It's official... If you could die from cuteness, those flowers would have done me in.  Thank you SO much to everyone who helped plan and attended the shower, I love you all!


A Birthday and a growing belly!

 This cute boy had a birthday in May!!

 Look at that face!

Happy Birthday to my baby daddy!
I think you're the bee's knees.  

 Pregnancy Update: 
25 weeks

28 weeks

28 weeks

31 weeks
I'm currently 32 weeks and FEELING it.  I've been really bad at documenting this pregnancy so far... so here's a general recap and some random thoughts for memory's sake:

- Pregnancy is hard... it just is.  But it's also awesome.
-I feel really lucky that I've had a pretty mild pregnancy for the most part. I definitely still had my trials... nausea, back pain, cramping, more back pain, insomnia, etc.... but I haven't really thrown up a ton or been as sick and miserable as a lot of women get (knock on wood). Mostly I've just been unbelievably tired.
- Cravings: grape juice, artichokes, anything lemon-y, watermelon,  strawberries,  Jamba Juice, and pretty much all  baked goods and sweets (although I craved most of these things before baby)
-Grossness that makes me want to puke: HAM, raw chicken, our stinky disposal, fish, etc.
- Belly "popped" around 17 weeks
- 17 weeks: I first felt baby girl kick
- 20 weeks: Blake could feel kicks ( He was seriously over the moon... he is the cutest)
- I honestly feel like I've known it was a girl the whole time, even before we found out.  Mother's intuition maybe? (Probably just flattering myself)
-  Feeling your baby kick is probably the coolest feeling EVER. (Even when baby girl's constantly all up in my ribs like she owns the place and it makes me cringe... it's still cool)
- Most days I cant remember my own name... pregnancy brain is the worst. If it's not written down, it's not happening. 
- Emotional, tired, and hormonal is not a good combination. I feel like a crazy person... Blake ate the last cookie and I cried. Like full-on tears.  NOT OK Blake.
- I have to pee ALL. THE. TIME.
- At all of our ultrasounds baby girl has been stubborn and won't show us her face or whatever we need to look at that day... so every time our tech makes me drink a Capri Sun ( or "baby crack" as she calls it) and eat a ton of sugar....  only to have baby girl yawn and fall asleep. I'm pretty positive my baby is already immune to sugar thanks to my lovely diet habits. Oops.
- Speaking of Ultrasounds... I think I'm addicted. 
- We splurged and went in for a 3D Ultrasound for Blake's birthday.  I was 30 weeks so we could see baby girl pretty well... it was super neat. She had a lanky body with the chunkiest cheeks you ever did see and some serious Angelina lips. I can't wait to see her in real life!
- Today I got my first stranger belly-rub. It was just as awkward as everyone says.
-  Pregnancy perks: everyone loves to help you out,  give you their seat, strike up a conversation, etc. I seriously feel like the most popular person at the grocery store because EVERYONE wants to come over and talk to me about babies/ pregnancy.  I've never had so many stranger-friends!
- When I go out without makeup on I've gotten a few "poor knocked up teen" looks... it's pretty funny.  Looking young is a blessing and a curse I suppose.
- Up until this past week I've felt like this pregnancy has dragged along so slowly... but all of a sudden now it feels like it's all going too fast and I'm starting to panic.  I'm absolutely terrified of labor and the idea of being a mom is freaking scary. 
 - Mostly,  I am just SO excited to meet this little chick and to see what she's like. Will she be stubborn? sweet? Will she have my eyes or Blake's nose?  I just can't wait to see her and get to know her little personality and snuggle her chubby cheeks!  I feel insanely blessed and thankful to be pregnant with this babe.

Elder Jones

A few pics from Grant's farewell.... we sure will miss you Elder Jones! Good Luck in Vegas.... we'll find you a hot wife for when you get back :)